Clear-Vu Retainer Wire

TP Orthodontics Inc, La Porte, Ind, introduces Clear-Vu Retainer Wire. By replacing the traditional metal labial bow in Hawley retainers and spring aligners, Clear-Vu wire provides an aesthetic option while retaining its shape and providing the

Focus on Retainers

This article from the August issue of Orthodontic Products gives you a complete look at new materials and technologies to help keep the teeth where you put them.


Focus on Retainers

An in-depth look at the materials and designs that will keep your results in place


Focus on Retainers

Focus on RetainersAccutech Orthodontic LabAccutech Orthodontic Lab offers the One Look Schedule Card, which allows your staff to schedule retainers so there are no problems with return dates. Accutech’s on-time delivery guarantee, "On Time-Every


Focus on Retainers

Focus on Retainers Ribbond Ribbond offers Ribbond reinforcement fibers that prevent fractures in composite resins. Ribbond postorthodontic fixed retainers are easy to make, strong, aesthetic, and comfortable. Simply adapt the Ribbond into a thin