Invisible Retention

The Clear Fusion Retainer has become the standard appliance for all of my retention needs. It provides the aesthetics that my patients are looking for, and the rigidity that a clear retainer needs to keep the teeth in proper alignment. Due to the


Aesthetic Retention

Retention is the key to long-term stability after orthodontic treatment, especially in adults. I use the ASTICS retainer in my practice. It is a Hawley retainer with a clearlabial bow. The aesthetics are excellent, and the adjustable labial bowand


Retention Deficit

This week I went to my orthodontist for the first time in a long time. My bottom retainer had cracked after almost 3 years of nightly wear, and I needed to pick up a replacement. As it happened, on the same day that I got my new retainer, I read an


Fixed Retention

It takes planning, patient education, and careful follow-up to maintain orthodontic results for the long-term

Aesthetic Retention

There’s a new aesthetic retainer being studied at Jacksonville University. What makes it “aesthetic”? Is it for you? Check out this week’s featured article to find out.