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Sketch to Bracket

Michael S. Johnston, DMD, MS explains his journey creating a new bracket system


Who Do You Know? The DiSC Behavioral Assessment

Neal D. Kravitz, DMD, MS, explains how applying the DiSC behavioral assessment and understanding common behavioral types may increase case closure rate, highlight which patients may be challenging to treat, and aid in hiring the appropriate staff.


Accelerating Treatment

David Alpan, DDS, MSD, discusses how his practice uses Propel and AcceleDent to accelerate the biology of tooth movement

Figure 1: Here is a perfect illustration of how we need to be that much more accurate with lingual. Assuming an average of 14 degrees of torque slop in a noncustomized appliance, the photo on the left shows that if point of force is placed on the labial, it only effects the incisal edge position by .2 mm. However, when placed on the lingual, depending on how close to the lingual surface we can get, the discrepancy can be from 1 mm (center) to almost 2 mm (right).

Lingual for Everyone

How lingual orthodontics has become an option for every patient that walks into your practice

Bib Clip Cross Contamination Webinar

Supported by DUX Dental, the free webinar, scheduled to take place February 12, will discuss the risks of bib clip cross contamination and compare the advantages and disadvantages of current disinfection methods and options.