The 2016 calendars can be given to new and existing patients as part of a practice’s brand-building efforts.
The seminar, “Ecstatic About Esthetics: The New Game in Orthodontics,” will take place November 19 to 20, 2015, in Tennessee.
Spotting embezzlement in your practice
Crest/Oral-B and the AAO are teaming up to raise awareness about good oral hygiene maintenance and the benefits of orthodontic treatment by an AAO member orthodontist.
The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention has opened registration for its 2016 Boot Camp: Infection Control Basic Training in Atlanta, January 11 to 13, 2016.
The ADA Foundation recently hosted the first Give Kids a Smile Ambassador Alumni Conference to support expansion of GKAS and consider ways to enhance the organization’s work.
Henry Schein was recognized for its decades of support of numerous initiatives to increase diversity and cultural competence in the oral health professions for the United States and global Hispanic communities.
In a new report by job search website Career Cast, orthodontist ranked #7 on the list of highest-paying jobs of 2015.
For a limited time, the fourth staff member of a practice registered for the CEREC 30th event in Las Vegas will receive free tuition.
The campaign is designed to promoted increased commitment among dental practitioners to infection control and safety.
In the lead up to the launch of its “Fall for Smiles” annual public awareness campaign, Oral Health America is hosting a informational webinar for dental practitioners.
Freedom Day USA is a national Thank You Movement for active duty US military personnel, their immediate family members, and veterans that aims to provide oral care at no cost to them on September 10.
Pradip R. Shetye, DDS, BDS, MDS, relishes the challenging cases a specialty in craniofacial orthodontics brings
It’s more than graphics and text today
The company’s new HDL 3.0 micro-optic loupe is available on all Orascoptic frame models.
The Henry Schein Cares Medal will be awarded annually to organizations that demonstrate excellence in expanding access to care for the underserved.
Cedric (left), a 53-year-old patient, said "no" to surgery and 2 years in braces to correct his malocclusion. Bhagia instead recommended AcceleDent as part of Cedric’s treatment plan. Photo by Alysha Beck.
One orthodontist on how AcceleDent makes good business sense for a practice
The AMA task force aims to identify best practices to combat the increasing problem of opioid abuse in the United States.
The app features a self-paced program designed to increase 3Shape users’ expertise and productivity.
The study—the first of its kind in the United States, found that dentists who work in small practices report greater job satisfaction than those in single or large-group practices.